Associated Clubs

Abbotsford 12ft Flying Squadron

On January 6th 1936, the “Concorde 12 Foot Flying Squadron” was formed which eventually became the “Abbotsford 12 Foot Flying Squadron.” In 1937 the club name was changed to the “Concord, Abbotsford, and Gladesville Flying Squadron” but was commonly known amongst sailors as ‘CAGS’. The final name change only occurred in January 1952. Situated on the Parramatta River at the end of Great North Road; Abbotsford Sailing Club operates every Saturday (except Christmas & the first 2 weekends of January).  There is a winter program held as well.  Whether racing around marks in squally weather or pottering up and down on a sunny day, Abbotsford Sailing Club can provide an environment to fulfill anyone’s sailing ambitions. Over the years the club has hosted many different classes of boat including Vaucluse Juniors, Thorpe 12s and now has 12ft Skiff, Cherub, 420, Flying 11, Laser and Sabots/Optis classes being sailed today.

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Lane Cove has been the home of 12ft skiff racing since the early years of settlement. The Club takes as its origin a program for the Lane Cove Sailing Club for the 1896/97 season. In that year the club conducted races for yachts, boats over 15 feet and boats under 15 feet. Throughout its history the Club has developed and fostered close relationships with the wider local community. Upon the demise of the Cremorne Club at the end of the Great War, Lane Cove became the home of 12ft skiff racing in Australia. Today 12ft skiffs remain the Club’s senior class, which also provides racing for Cherubs, Lasers, Flying 11s and Sabots. 

Sydney Flying Squadron (SFS) is the original home of the famous Sydney Harbour sailing skiff class, the 18-footers. The Sydney Flying Squadron Yacht Club was founded by Mark Foy in 1891.  The 12 foot Division of the Sydney Flying Squadron was officially formed on the 22nd July 1973 when the inaugural meeting was held. However the idea of 12’s sailing from the SFS was initiated early 1973 by Graeme Ferguson and Peter Kennedy, who approached the Board of the SFS with a request to consider adopting 12s as an additional class, which would race on Sundays. Before the SFS Board agreed to the request they required proof by way of hosting a winter series which was well attended and won by People Eater, skippered by Ian Riley. This was sufficient for the Board to agree to accepting 12s a a new class at the club. The opening race of the season was held on 18th September 1973 with 15 participants.

Brisbane 18footers

The Brisbane 18 Footer’s Sailing Club was officially formed in 1921, and apart from the war years, 18 footer racing has been conducted from the Club ever since. The Clubhouse was situated on the banks of the Brisbane River at Bulimba, directly opposite Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton until 2008 and now races on Waterloo Bay, using the Darling Point Sailing Squadron as its racing base for the 18ft skiffs, and the Brisbane Sailing Squadron on Bulimba Point for the Historical Skiff classes and junior sailing.

The Royal Akarana Yacht Club is one of New Zealand’s oldest yacht clubs and occupies a unique place in this country’s recreational sailing history. Throughout its 127 years it has been at the forefront of New Zealand yachting and particularly in its early years, had a huge influence over the way the sport developed in this country.

RAYC is the home for the 12ft Skiff in Auckland. 12 Footers NZ

Established in 1926 Worser Bay Boating Club provides sailing for a range of classes. Our purpose is To provide a community where people can share the joy of sailing and become world class. Our values are the core beliefs that govern how the club goes about its work - with members, with the community, with partners and with stakeholders. Our values are Family friendly - Fostering excellence - Having fun - Helping out. Our reputation is what the club wants to be known for in the hearts and minds of the community, partners and stakeholders. The reputation that we aspire to is that WBBC is known as a great club, it's really well run, it's welcoming and friendly and consistently producing top-notch people.